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Welcome to Doylestown Adventure Bootcamp

Celebrating our 16th Year Anniversary

Are you ready to get serious about your health and fitness goals? This bootcamp fitness class is the place to make all of those goals a reality. Find out what it feels like to put everything you have into a workout and develop the level of fitness you've always desired. When we meet in Bucks County, you will be pushed to your physical limit and you will see progress that will make every minute of your effort worthwhile. There is nothing that beats the confidence and feeling of self worth that comes from giving 100% of your mind, body and soul to something that will change your life.

Indoor/Outdoor  Boot Camp Classes - Begins October 3 - October 28, 2022

Every Monday Wednesday Friday ( 5:45am - 6:30am )

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, 225 E. Ashland St. Doylestown, Pa 18902

Stay at Home Virtual Workouts : Workout in the privacy of your own home!

 Monday - Friday  ( 6:30am - 7:00am ) 



Call for Details : 908-268-6414 

Why Boot Camp?

  • Challenging yet supportive environment
  • Different workout every class
  • Results in 4-Weeks if you stick with us
  • Nutritional consultations available
  • Modified programs for injuries
  • All levels of fitness
  • Optional pre & post evaluation

Take a Peek. Women like you can do it!

This Week's Challenge!

Break a Personal Best

What is your goal for 2022?  If you are looking to be your personal best, check out Doylestown Boot Camp for Women.  New YOU 2022!  Let's get back outdoors and get moving!  

Dtown Boot Camp is designed for all fitness levels!  You can do it!  Come join us for a free trial class anytime.  Just set your alarm!

All you need is a yoga mat and a set of dumbbells!  

You Can Do It!