Aspire to Change: Before and After Boot Camp

Marnie Before & After Boot CampAspire to change!  Check out this woman’s story.

” I began boot camp in the fall of 2013.  I am down 15 pounds.  I feel more energetic and sleep much better.  I find Doylestown Adventure Boot Camp to be a very supportive and fun environment of smart and inspiring women and it has become an essential start to my day.”

Doylestown Adventure Boot Camp, (DABC) is for everyone from people that want to lose a lot of weight or to people that want to lose those last few pounds, get toned up and become stronger with more stamina.  As you can see, Marnie didn’t need to lose a lot of weight but aspired to change her body to be her best.  As many others, Marnie began boot camp with some apprehension as to how difficult she would find the program.  But, with Wendy’s guidance and the camaraderie of the women in the group, she realized that with hard work, she too could achieve her fitness goals and maintain “her fit body”  she has worked so hard to attain.

Doylestown Adventure Boot Camp is not just a  workout program.  Wendy is a nutrition consultant and has helped many women and men to make healthier food choices.  Marnie has made many changes in her eating habits, which has helped her gain more energy and sleep better, not to mention help her become as tone as she is today.

Doylestown Adventure Boot Camp has created a fitness program for women that works for all fitness levels and ages.  Every day in boot camp is different and challenging.  On Monday, we train our legs, glutes, core and endurance.  On Wednesday, we get out our dumbbells, resistance bands and work on our upper bodies.  As you can see, Marnie loved Wednesdays by the look of her sculpted arms.  Fridays are always a surprise.  This is what makes DABC  different than all the rest.  You never know what will be expected of you when you arrive, which makes it fun and challenging.    Obstacle courses, kettle bell training, body weight training, boxing and circuit training are just a few of the workouts that encompass Doylestown Adventure Boot Camp.

We are headed  to Camp Curiosity, 4425 Landisville Rd. Doylestown, PA on April 10, 2017 to begin our spring 4 week session.  After 10 years of running DABC, it’s still exciting and invigorating to begin a new outdoor session.  If you are intrigued by Marnie’s story and want to start your own fitness journey, please feel free to come on out and try our Monday, April 10th Bootie class!  For registration and details visit our website.

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