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Congrats to Jen on her 6 month transformation – Great Job!

Doylestown Boot Camp is proud to share with you Jen’s story and 6 month transformation.

For the past 10 years I have let my weight continue to increase and had a hard time finding a consistent time to exercise between work, kids and just life in general.   At the end of December my biggest clothes in my closet didn’t fit anymore and realized it was  time to do something a bit more drastic instead of buying bigger clothes (which I was horrified at what I would have had to buy size wise).   I joined Wendy’s Bootcamp in January 2018, fast forward 6 months later and I  have lost 40 pounds and down 3 pants sizes.   I feel great both physically and mentally.   The first week I met Wendy I told her about some of my goals, one was a target weight while  others were a bit more superficial but important to me. One of those superficial goals was to be able to wear a tank top that all of the mothers on my son’s baseball team have and not feel the need to wear something over it to cover my arms and body when it is 90+ outside and I am sweating my @$$ off.     It felt so good to put that tank top on and not feel the need to cover up, this was a HUGE milestone for me.   I am also lucky to have so many people around me who have been so supportive and encouraging over the past few months.

The first week I joined Wendy’s boot camp she told me that if I want to lose weight, what I put in my mouth is just as important if not more than exercising.  Wendy worked with me for a month on my diet making easy tweaks each week.  What I appreciated most about Wendy’s approach is that she is very encouraging and never makes you feel bad about what you have eaten and makes the changes seem so simple (which they actually were).  I would find myself skipping meals thinking that I am eating fewer calories which had to  be better for me, especially breakfast.  I  would often grab some toast or a bagel and run out the door or just have coffee and be starving by lunch.   I am actually eating more food now than I did then, just better choices….who would have  ever thought that I would look forward to my 3 turkey sausages and yogurt for breakfast as I run out the door for work each day.   It is not about counting calories, or cutting out carbs completely.   For me, it has been about watching my carbs…not eliminating them, making better choices and thinking ahead a bit more with food planning.      Another key thing Wendy has taught me is to not focus on the number.  There have been times during the past 6 months where I have hit some plateaus in my weight loss and did not see movement on the scale.   I would tell Wendy and be a bit deflated, her response was always…. don’t focus on the number…..well she was right because my clothes would feel so much better.   This was a big mental shift for me not to get on the scale each day.   I don’t let the number dictate how I feel about myself anymore.

I have not reached my final weight goal  and have a bit of a ways to go, I look at this as a journey.  What I can say is that there is no other trainer I would want to be on this journey with other than Wendy.    I was very self-conscious to start boot camp knowing how out of shape I was and kept doubting myself that this was something for me.    From day one Wendy has encouraged me in and out of class. She has pushed me out of my comfort zone when she knew I could do something that I did not think I could and most importantly she makes a tough workout fun.    When I started on this journey with Wendy I couldn’t run ¼ of a mile  or even think of doing burpees.  Each week I am amazed at how much stronger I have become and excited to see what the next 6 months will bring.

THANK YOU WENDY !!!!!!image002-2


Doylestown Boot Camp of Bucks County PA is an outdoor fitness program designed for all ages and fitness levels.  Whatever your goals are, we are here to help you reach them.  Dtown Boot camp will strengthen your body, increase your endurance and most importantly support you in a CLEAN EATING nutrition program!  Our next session begins Monday, June 25 – July 27, 2018 ( closed week of July 4). Class size is limited.  Enlist today!











Stop Making Excuses – Exercise Today

Regina crosses the finish line!


Excuses, Excuses, Excuses! Stop making excuses as to WHY you can’t start exercising  today!   What exactly are you waiting for? Doylestown Adventure Boot Camp for women works with all levels of fitness and ages. You do not need to be in shape to train in boot camp. You do not need to lose weight before entering this exercise program. Just start! My boot camp motto is “ Do what you can do!”If you’re not a runner, start with power walking. If you can’t do a push up, that’s why you are here.  If you have limitations from past injuries, we work around them. JUST START!


I received a phone call 9 months ago from a lady who was interested in starting boot camp. Her goal was to lose weight, tone up, and gain strength and endurance. Regina had already lost 50 pounds before starting my class. I asked her if she runs. She said no and never has. I told her as I tell all of my campers, “Do what you can and do your best.” Week 1 – She struggled, only jogging about 50 yards.  Regina jogged further week 2 and even further week 3.  Each week she ran further than the last. Regina did not give up and was determined to work at her full capacity.  Her progress was outstanding.  Nine months later, TODAY, Regina has lost an additional 55 pounds, making her total weight loss 105 pounds and has run her first 5K race.  What’s the next challenge, 10K?


Determination is powerful.  If you want something bad enough, it is achievable. Regina was unhappy with her weight and lack of energy. She made the decision to make a change to her life and stuck with it. No one can make you exercise and eat healthy. You are the only one in control of your destiny. Only you! We all strive to be lean and strong. Who doesn’t want that? But, how bad do you want it and what are you willing to do to achieve this? Doylestown Adventure Boot Camp has worked with many motivated, determined Bucks County women over the last 11 years.   Those that wanted to make a change to their lifestyle did and so can you!


Envision yourself one year from now. Close your eyes and paint a picture in your mind. Who is the best person you can be and want to be?   What is that picture ONE YEAR from today?   Are you the same person, eating unhealthy, not exercising, lack of energy, depressed? Picture the person you really want to be and start taking the steps it takes to get there.   Take BABY STEPS!  You will get there.  You will never get stronger if you don’t strength train. You will never gain endurance by staying inactive.  If you continue to eat junk food, you will not lose weight.   When do you start? Today! Stop making excuses and start a workout regiment today! Your body needs it and will thank you for it. Make it part of your daily life.


Join our next Bucks County boot camp session at Camp Curiosity, 4425 Landisville Rd. Doylestown, PA on  Monday, April 23, 2018.   Classes run for 4 weeks ( Mon – Wed – Fri ) and start promptly at 5:30am – 6:30am.  Enlist today!  New campers are welcome to come out and try a free trial week!

Weight loss? YES! Kettlebells are for GIRLS!

There are so many benefits to kettlebell training.  If you are looking to lose weight, tone your muscles and  increase your endurance, kettlebell training is the way to go.

Kettlebells can be intimidating to someone who isn’t familiar with how they work.  Using kettlebells in your fitness regiment can challenge your body and build strength, stamina, endurance and flexibility unlike any other fitness equipment.

A common fitness goal for women is losing body fat and inches around the waist, thighs and arms.  Training with kettlebells is a fun and alternative workout that help you stay motivated and challenged.  An intense 20 minute kettlebell workout is the equivalent to jogging 3 miles.  FACT!  Design your workouts for high repetition compound movement exercsies, such as swings, snatches, high pulls, clean and press seen in the short video clip I have created.  Get down low and work those thighs!  A figure 8 is a fantastic way to tone those legs!  Not only are you scultping your body, but are increasing your metabolism by elevating your heart rate.  There is little to no rest in between sets.

Training with kettlebells is not designed to increase muscle mass, but rather the opposite.  It will build strength by increasing the amount of lean muscle tissue.  Increasing lean muscle tissue results in strength without bulk and a lean-looking appearance.  Kettlebells are effective  at increasing strength by using full body functional movements that incorporate several muscle groups for each exercise.   A 20 minute kettelbell workout can burn up to 500 calories.

Doylestown Boot Camp incorporates kettlebell training every week in it’s fitness routine.  Each and every exercise must be performed correctly as form is key.  If you are interested in learning how to train with a kettlebell, make sure you are being taught by a professional.



Hundreds of Bucks County women have enlisted in Doylestown Boot Camp to get in their best shape.  With winter upon us, Dtown Boot Camp moves to Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Doylestown. Check out the new winter schedule at  The next 4 week session begins October 23 – November 18 ( 5:30am – 6:30am ). #doylestownbootcamp #weightloss #fitness #kettlebell #bootcamp #buckscounty #doylestown #womenonly

Benefits to a Morning Boot Camp Workout

Morning Boot Camp Workout

There are so many benefits to exercising first thing in the morning!  If you’re not a morning person, start thinking differently, because morning exercise offers a ton of unique advantages over exercising later in the day.

1. People who exercise “consistently” and want “results” work out in the morning.

Research has shown that people who exercise in the morning are much more likely to stick to their workout routine when compared with those who exercise later in the day. This leads to more consistent results.

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Aspire to Change: Before and After Boot Camp

Marnie Before & After Boot CampAspire to change!  Check out this woman’s story.

” I began boot camp in the fall of 2013.  I am down 15 pounds.  I feel more energetic and sleep much better.  I find Doylestown Adventure Boot Camp to be a very supportive and fun environment of smart and inspiring women and it has become an essential start to my day.”

Doylestown Adventure Boot Camp, (DABC) is for everyone from people that want to lose a lot of weight or to people that want to lose those last few pounds, get toned up and become stronger with more stamina.  As you can see, Marnie didn’t need to lose a lot of weight but aspired to change her body to be her best.  As many others, Marnie began boot camp with some apprehension as to how difficult she would find the program.  But, with Wendy’s guidance and the camaraderie of the women in the group, she realized that with hard work, she too could achieve her fitness goals and maintain “her fit body”  she has worked so hard to attain.

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Spring Into Your New Body with Doylestown Boot Camp

Spring is here!  Wake up to your new body and mind with Doylestown Adventure Boot Camp for  Women!

Are you procrastinating getting yourself into a regular workout regiment?  Dtown Boot Camp is here to help you lose weight, gain strength, gain endurance and most importantly, gain self esteem!

Physically active people have less body fat than sedentary people, even if they have the same BMI.  BMI = Body Mass Index.  Not sure what your BMI is? Check out the formula below to find out!

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71 years old, 70 pounds lost through Doylestown Adventure Boot Camp’s Nutrition Program

Earl before & after Doylestown boot campDoylestown Adventure Boot Camp not only gets you fit but provides nutrition counseling for men and women of all ages to help lose those unwanted pounds!   Earl, a resident of Bucks County, has proven results from Wendy’s nutrition counseling program.

“I’ve struggled with being overweight for years but always thought I could figure it out on my own.  At age 71 and 334 pounds, I finally asked for help.  My daughter directed me to her trainer, Wendy Yazujian who runs the Doylestown Adventure Boot Camp in Doylestown.  Wendy worked with me, helping me better understand what types of foods I should be eating and how much.  I was amazed!  I had thought I was eating healthy, but I was making a lot of mistakes.  Now, 6 months later, I am 70 pounds lighter and my health has improved dramatically.  I was pre-diabetic, hypertensive and had high cholesterol.  I am no longer pre-diabetic, my blood pressure and cholesterol are now stable.  I feel fantastic!  I am grateful for Wendy’s knowledge of nutrition, commitment to my health and compassion for my situation.”

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It’s been a while since we posted!

Image Credit: Karmun Loh, Briti...And it will probably be a while until the next post, too.  😉

A post idea hit me this morning, so I thought I would get this down on some proverbial paper. Motivation… and how to keep it going.

The start to every new year or month (heck it even seems like beginning of every new week) I tell myself, “I am going to work out 5 times a week, eat clean for every meal, lose 10 pounds in 10 minutes, sleep 8 hours every night, drink 3 liters of water every day, be happy all the time, and live life as if I am a ray of sunshine brightening everything around me.” What a load of crap.

Thinking of how to stay motivated brings me back to a business lesson that has resurfaced in my life time and time again. I must set SMART goals for myself, and I have to write it down! What’s a SMART goal you ask? Good question… let me tell you.

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15 Min. workout at home

Not everyone has an hour/day to workout but everyone has 15 minutes each day to get in some serious strength training and cardiovascular conditioning.

I LOVE BURPEES!  We incorporate them in our women’s weight loss bootcamp program. So, let’s incorporate burpees in this 15 minute at home workout.  I’ll let you know the benefit of burpees after I’m done giving you this fantastic fat burning, strength training 15 minute workout!

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