Congratulations to Jen on her 6 month transformation

For the past 10 years I have let my weight continue to increase and had a hard time finding a consistent time to exercise between work, kids and just life in general.   At the end of December my biggest clothes in my closet didn’t fit anymore and realized it was  time to do something a bit more drastic instead of buying bigger clothes (which I was horrified at what I would have had to buy size wise).   I joined Wendy’s Bootcamp in January 2018, fast forward 6 months later and I  have lost 40 pounds and down 3 pants sizes.   I feel great both physically and mentally.   The first week I met Wendy I told her about some of my goals, one was a target weight while  others were a bit more superficial but important to me. One of those superficial goals was to be able to wear a tank top that all of the mothers on my son’s baseball team have and not feel the need to wear something over it to cover my arms and body when it is 90+ outside and I am sweating my @$$ off.     It felt so good to put that tank top on and not feel the need to cover up, this was a HUGE milestone for me.   I am also lucky to have so many people around me who have been so supportive and encouraging over the past few months.

The first week I joined Wendy’s boot camp she told me that if I want to lose weight, what I put in my mouth is just as important if not more than exercising.  Wendy worked with me for a month on my diet making easy tweaks each week.  What I appreciated most about Wendy’s approach is that she is very encouraging and never makes you feel bad about what you have eaten and makes the changes seem so simple (which they actually were).  I would find myself skipping meals thinking that I am eating fewer calories which had to  be better for me, especially breakfast.  I  would often grab some toast or a bagel and run out the door or just have coffee and be starving by lunch.   I am actually eating more food now than I did then, just better choices….who would have  ever thought that I would look forward to my 3 turkey sausages and yogurt for breakfast as I run out the door for work each day.   It is not about counting calories, or cutting out carbs completely.   For me, it has been about watching my carbs…not eliminating them, making better choices and thinking ahead a bit more with food planning.      Another key thing Wendy has taught me is to not focus on the number.  There have been times during the past 6 months where I have hit some plateaus in my weight loss and did not see movement on the scale.   I would tell Wendy and be a bit deflated, her response was always…. don’t focus on the number…..well she was right because my clothes would feel so much better.   This was a big mental shift for me not to get on the scale each day.   I don’t let the number dictate how I feel about myself anymore.

I have not reached my final weight goal  and have a bit of a ways to go, I look at this as a journey.  What I can say is that there is no other trainer I would want to be on this journey with other than Wendy.    I was very self-conscious to start boot camp knowing how out of shape I was and kept doubting myself that this was something for me.    From day one Wendy has encouraged me in and out of class. She has pushed me out of my comfort zone when she knew I could do something that I did not think I could and most importantly she makes a tough workout fun.    When I started on this journey with Wendy I couldn’t run ¼ of a mile  or even think of doing burpees.  Each week I am amazed at how much stronger I have become and excited to see what the next 6 months will bring.


Doylestown Boot Camp is an indoor outdoor fitness program designed for all ages and all levels of fitness.  Enlist in our next boot camp session starting June 25th @ 5:30am at Camp Curiosity in Doylestown.  Transform yourself!  You rock Jen!

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