The First Day Back…

It’s always a doozy to come back to a workout regimen after taking some time off. Getting back into the habit of waking up early, dragging yourself through your morning haze to the car, and waking up enough to do those first couple of jumping jacks… it’s not always easy!

girlswhodocrossfit-coffee-workoutBut if it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth it! Or as my hubs likes to say, “If it was easy, it wouldn’t be your mom!” (Inside joke: hubs was cheering me on at a marathon while¬†standing next to someone who was holding a sign that said, “If it was easy, it would be ¬†called your mom!” So now everything hard is referred to as ‘my mom,’ because she’s not easy.)

Awesome morning workout in Doylestown to those who made it. And to those who didn’t, set your morning coffee maker for 5:00 AM, turn your alarm volume way up, and move the alarm across the room! See you tomorrow!


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