Corporate Boot Camp Training

Register nowThe health and well-being of any given employee on any random day can make or break a company.

Investing in personal and/or group corporate boot camp training for your employees provides a valuable and profitable return on investment. So, how does it work?

We begin with an information session for interested employees. Upon determining the number of interested employees, we will draw up a simple contract. Following contract execution, those who enroll in the corporate boot camp will receive a thorough pre-camp evaluation. This evaluation will serve as the base that results are measured from. Upon completion of the four-week Doylestown fitness program, we will conduct a thorough post-evaluation. Here is where the physical results prove success. The mental and emotional results will be easily recognized by an overall upswing in confidence, enthusiasm, and camaraderie in the office.

Below you will find information describing the benefits of hosting a corporate fitness program, detailed results from previous boot camper’s, testimonials, costs, and an idea of what a typical week of corporate boot camp entails.

We encourage you to spend quality time with this information and call us at 908.268.6414 for the next available start date.

Wellness case study of Corporate America

corporate fitness program

Return on Investment

Bank of America realized a return of $6 for every $1 spent on its health-promotion program. --American Journal of Health Promotion
PepsiCo found that its corporate fitness program produced a 300% ROI. --Fitness Systems
New York Telephone saw a return of $1.95 for every $1 spent on corporate fitness. --Compensation and Benefits Management

Reduced Employee Turnover

Tenneco found that employees who participated in its corporate fitness program were 13% less likely to leave the company than those who did not. --Business & Health
The annual turnover rate for participants in British Columbia Hydroelectric’s fitness program was 3.5%, compared to a company-wide average of 10.3% --Cigna
Toronto Life Assurance reported that turnover of employees in the wellness program was 1.5%, versus 15% for non-participants. --Economic Benefits of Enhanced Fitness, Roy Shepherd

Reduced Absenteeism

The average annual per capita increase in medical expenditures and absenteeism associated with obesity ranges from $450 to $2,500 per obese employee. Costs increase along with BMI. The combined annual per capita cost of being an obese man, including medical expenses and absenteeism, ranges from $460 to $2,030. For women the per capita cost ranges from $1,370 to $2485.- IDEA Fitness Journal , January 2006
Northern Gas Company employees who are in the corporate wellness program use 80% fewer sick days than non-exercising employees. --Riverside Occupation Health Services
Coors has saved over $2.3 million in lost wages due to absenteeism. --Business & Health
Johnson and Johnson watched its absenteeism rate fall by 15% within two years of introducing a fitness program. --Human Resources Executive

Doylestown Fitness Boot Camp Results

Typical results directly from actual pre/post evaluation sheets of participants of Doylestown Adventure Boot Camp over the course of a 5-day, 4-week camp:

Minutes off of timed mile: Up to 3 minutes Increased core strength as measured by plank: 170% Increased upper-body strength as measured by push-ups: 122% Increased leg strength as measured by timed frog-jumps: 258% Weight loss: Up to 10 pounds Decrease in body fat: 5% Overall strength improvement: 25% Overall endurance improvement: 25%

Body measurement changes:

  • Arm inches lost = 1”
  • Waist inches lost = 4.5”
  • Hips = 4”
  • Thighs = 1.5”