Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition Counseling in Bucks CountyYou Are What You Eat!

One of the key components to a healthy lifestyle and long-term weight-loss is proper nutrition.

Our goal at Doylestown Adventure Boot Camp is to educate you on the best dietary program for your specific needs and lifestyle in conjunction with the fitness training program, which is why we offer nutrition counseling in Bucks County.

If you are tired of the latest fad diets, you should be!

Here at Doylestown Boot Camp you will learn how to balance your meals, when to eat and what to eat. Do you eat breakfast? Are you lacking the proper amount of protein that propels your body to lose weight? Are you lacking those good, healthy fats in your diet? Are you over indulging in carbohydrates? Do you go several hours between eating? If you don’t know the answers to these questions or answered yes to most of them you are not alone…

Through nutrition counseling in Bucks County, a counselor team will teach you how to make healthy choices. Our main goal is to stabilize insulin levels, speed up your metabolism so you are burning fat at rest, and give you the proper combination of food that will provide constant energy all day long.

Healthy Eating Choices with Nutrition Counseling in Bucks CountyClients will be required to track their food. Evaluating current eating habits and lifestyle is extremely important before a new individualized program is designed. Writing down what you are eating creates personal accountability.

Success is around the corner! It takes effort and determination to keep focused on your goals. This program works! Long term results matter! Initial consultation and weekly follow ups with a Doylestown nutrition counselor will ensure your success.

Initial Consultation: 1 ½ hours
6 Follow-ups: ½ hour
Weight and measurements weekly
Cost: $100.00 ( Intitial Consultation )

Weekly Follow Up - $50.00 / session

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