Before & After Stories

Nutrition & Weight Loss in Bucks County

Jen L. Before & After

Tired of being a flunkee/dropout of every diet out there, I was still searching for the one thing that would work for me when a friend told me to call Wendy.  I started out with just the Nutrition piece and I can’t believe how simple Wendy made it … it was easy for me to follow and commit to without feeling deprived. Week by week I watched the pounds disappear. Then I started running a few times a week and saw even better results. Finally, I signed up for bootcamp and have watched more inches melt away in the past 3 weeks. To say I’m amazed with the changes in just 3 months is an understatement. I’m floored! And I owe it all to Wendy. Her motivation and constant support make everything possible. This program is life-changing!