Boot Camp Testimonials

Hi Wendy,
Just wanted to tell you what a difference your class made for me even in just the 3 weeks I've been with you. Just returned from a few days of a hike in backpacking camping trip, and I was the only one who felt great even with my baby/45 lbs on my back! Thank you!
- Emily

After this morning, I thought now would be an appropriate time to tell you how much I appreciate all of the hard work and thought you put into our morning boot camp sessions. I am so thankful that you do this... I have never been at a place where I am so happy with myself (physically and emotionally) and I know I couldn't have done this without your help. 

I have learned so much from you and you inspire me to keep going every day. I tell everyone who will listen to me how great your program is!

Once again, THANK YOU! You're sessions have been an easy-to-fall-into and fun life style change for me. 
P.S. - I'm going to run that hill tonight to make up for missing yesterday!
- Nikkii

“I’m sure there are many people who would like to do this sort of thing, but are extremely intimidated.  You truly made everyone feel comfortable, unafraid, and took the time to make sure we were doing things properly. Your encouraging and positive attitude made it a great experience.”
- Danielle S.

“When boot camp started, I only ran 60% of the mile. By the end of boot camp I ran the entire mile in 9:52.  The Sunday after boot camp ended I woke up with the fear of losing the ability to run a mile.  So I went to Lake Galena and ran…”
- Gwen J.

“Your boot camp has been by far the best I’ve experienced – and I’ve been to several different ones throughout the Delaware Valley.”
- Claudine A.

“I’m so happy about the changes in my body since starting your boot camp.”
- Kim D.

 “These sessions have made a real difference compared to any other (program) that I have participated in.”
- Brenda T.

“All of us come in all shapes and sizes, and in various states of fitness but the common bond was that we were all there for our own personal challenge and strive to do our best.  As the weeks passed we encouraged each other to succeed…"
-Kathy H.

“Thank you for all your encouragement.  It’s really making me think about how exercise and nutrition go hand in hand and I’m thinking twice about what I decide is worth eating.”  Thanks for pushing us to be our best and believing we can meet the goals of each day.  It was really hard for me to get up today!  But I’m so glad I did.  Thank you Wendy.
- Terry H.

“It was a joy to meet and work with you.  Thank you for setting such a great pace and example for me.”
- Mary E.
“Being married to a United States Marine I’ve always wondered if I had what it takes to complete a boot camp.  I DO!  The first day of boot camp I showed up suffering from job burn-out, stress-related hypertension, overweight, with high cholesterol, and just plain tired.  But I had to see what I was made of.  Little did I know that by the end of four very short weeks I’d have lost several pounds and inches, brought my blood pressure back into the normal range, and found myself more optimistic than ever about my future.  After the 5:30 boot camp and a healthy breakfast I showed up at work with more energy than I’ve had in years, refreshed and in a positive frame of mind.  Each of those things carried through my day, and people noticed.  Thank you, Wendy – you have helped me become a better me, but more than that you have given me back quality of life.”
- Eileen H.
“I look and feel better than I have in years. I’m definitely planning on enrolling in upcoming boot camps.”
- Evelyn D.

 "I am very pleased to inform you that on Sunday, I completed my first marathon!  It was not pretty but I am feeling pretty proud of myself.  

I have to say, I wound have never in a million years even have entertained the idea if it wasn't for you.  I used to have this mind set that I can't do something because I am not fit enough, young enough, experienced enough, have enough time, and on and on.  You changed all that.  I now say to myself, why can't I do that.  If this person can do it, then why not me. 

I am looking forward to seeing you and everyone next month." 
- Deborah G.

I'm seeing and feeling amazing results.  My pants are loose at the waist.  Roy is an amazing instructor/leader and he's definitely factored into our decision to reup for the next session.  He gives us great motivation, keeps us from getting hurt and reminds us to watch our diet.  He's undertanding when we can't do something but pushes us just enough to believe in ourselves.  We look forward to the training and miss it on days off.  I couldn't run at all when we started and I came in before Gail on the running circuit for the first time today!  I'm so excited at how I am going to look and feel over the coming months.  I'm so glad I joined and will stick with it!
- Denise
"Even though I just started back again after a long time away, I feel tremendously better after just a few weeks. With a job that requires sitting much of the day, I really look forward to getting to Bootcamp to see that Wendy has in store for us each night. She keeps it fresh... and it seems she always has something new up her sleeve. The workouts are challenging, and they find muscles I didn't know existed. But it's a ton of fun and I feel it working!"
- Jill P. Teva
"Bootcamp helped me get back on track with my workouts. This class has challenged me to levels I did not know I could do and I have succeeded. It has become more than a workout class, it has become something I look forward to goign to each week. Our group has become more like a family and support system to each other. It is amazing how this class brought employees together that never knew each other before. Wendy, herself is inspiring to push us to be better and support and inspire healthy eating habits. She is more than a trainer; she gives us emotional support and goes out of her way to create individual workouts and diets to help us reach our goals."
- Debbie S. Teva
"I started Bootcamp in March of 2011 just after Hatfield Athletic Club closed. I had already lost 70 lbs from the start of my healthy lifestyle journey about a year prior to joining Bootcamp. I didn't really know what to expect, I just knew I needed to do something so I could continue exercising and also avoid gaining all the weight back. Wendy is such and incredible inspiration. She quickly earned my trust and I gained strength I didn't even know I had. I started out barely squeaking out one push up, jogging 1/2 lap and using a 10 lb kettlebell. Hour by hour, day by day, week by week I could feel myself becoming stronger and healthier. Now I am doing reps of push ups, jogging 6 miles and using a 20 lb kettlebell (maybe pushing it to 25 lbs soon). It's not the push ups, jogging, or kettlebells that keep me coming back for more. What really keeps me coming back are a few things...~it's been the best outlet for me to relieve my stresses. For me, stressed out days = better workouts!
~It's the feeling of accomplishment and empowerment I get ever time I reach personal milestones.~It's a feeling of vitality (the best reason of all).I am in control of how I treat my mine and my body and I have learned that from Bootcamp, Thanks Wendy!"
- Dawn H. Teva
"Before Wendy's Bootcamp I was running and biking but neglected some of my core muscles and now with Bootcamp I am working those muscles and feel stronger. Also she does different things which make it interesting and she lets you push yourself. She's great!"
- Ed K. Teva
"Bootcamp workouts push me harder than I would push myself going to the gym. I'm certainly stronger now from Carrying all those tires!"
- Katy M. Teva
Teva"Bootcamp has actually played a very important role for me. I started Bootcamp in June. The first day was insane. Coming into the program with not a lick of exercise experience my body had no idea what it was in for. I stopped 2/3 of the way through the session and said hello to my lunch in the bathroom while everyone else finished up. The second session I still had to take breaks but I finished the session and didn't see my lunch a second time. Since then I have seen and improvement in endurance, strength, balance, physicality, and speed. In the three months that I've been participating, I've lost 20 pounds. I feel lighter and far more energetic.What I didn't expect to get out of Bootcamp was its effect on my mental health. In a general sense it has given me confidence, drive, and a sense of self-worth. And not just from the physique that I've attained from the exercise. I feel that it comes from having this challenge to push myself, meeting it every week and coming out the other side feeling like I'm doing right by myself. This summer has been a tough one and, along with family and friends, Bootcamp has been an essential pillar in helping me come out of this a stronger person. My head and heart are the clearest after Bootcamp sessions." 
- Michael A. Teva
"I really like the fact that Wendy pushes us and always seems to have a different exercise for us to try. It keeps everything going and before you know it, the hour is up. I have felt exhausted at the end of each session, but it's a great feeling because I know I've gotten a good workout. It's a nice change from my own workouts that I do at the gym."
- Chris O. Teva

"I am a retired women's rugby player, and I was looking for something fun and interesting to help me keep in shape after I retired from playing rugby. When I first joined Adventure Bootcamp in Feb 2010, I was also preparing for my wedding at the end of April. Rugby uses your body in all sorts of ways, and I was looking for something fun and interesting to help keep me in shape, something outside of the gym, different from running on a treadmill, and that would maintain the overall use of my muscle groups. Wendy's first class had me hooked with the kettlebell exercises and negative pushups, as well as the positive reinforcement she gives. Bootcamp has not been, for me, about losing weight, but more about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, keeping fit, and maintaining my strength. Bootcamp has also been a great stress-reliever (especially with wedding planning!) for me. Wendy is motivational and great spirited, and I'm not sure I would work myself as hard at the gym if I tried to do this all on my own. It sometimes sucks while we're doing it, but it's all worth it!"
- Moria B., Teva