Why Boot Camp Classes?

Boot Camp Classes in DoylestownDoylestown Adventure Boot Camp is the most challenging, motivating, innovative fitness program you will find.

Every workout is always different which keeps your fitness training interesting and fun! You will always look forward to your workouts because they will challenge your abilities and keep you mentally stimulated. 

It's time to get away from boring, repetitious gym workouts and come join us for our innovative, fresh air fitness program.  

Everyone is our classes are very supportive of each other and the camaraderie is immeasurable. This will be the best choice you have ever made for yourself.

You have a busy life and you probably wear many hats. Be sure to take time to do something for yourself!


Results In just 4 weeks!

Boot Camp Classes in Bucks County

Would you like to feel like you're at the top of your game when it comes to your health and fitness levels? If you give 100% of your effort in bootcamp EVERYDAY

and you are willing to change your eating habits, you will see results that you never thought were possible in 4 weeks and much past that.

Doylestown Adventure Boot Camp classes offer nutritional consultations that will get you on track to lose weight and feel your best.

You will lose weight, get leaner, build stamina and be in the best shape of your life! You are worth it!


All Levels Of Fitness - we can whip you into shape!

Doylestown Adventure Boot Camp is geared to all levels of fitness. It will equally challenge you if you are just starting on your fitness journey or are a seasoned athlete.

Women's only fitness program

Everyone that attends our fitness program will train at their own personal level under the guidance of professional personal trainer, Wendy Yazujian and her staff.

There is special attention given to work around past injuries or special physical needs. Everyone in class will achieve exactly what they wish to achieve and you will be amazed at your progress.

The fact that our women's only fitness program is held outside during the Spring/Summer/Fall, in the heart of beautiful Bucks County is the best part!