Congrats to Susan on her 5 month transformation and boot camp journey

To see Susan’s incredible transformation, see prior post.

“April 25th, I said, “Ok, its time for me.”  I didn’t ask a friend or family member to join me, just got up, got dressed and went for a trial class, shoot who was going to see me anyway, its 5:30 am.    Why am I doing this?  Because my child loved that my tummy was so squishy when she hugged it, and that my arms had a funny jiggle that made her giggle…..really?…but me, not so much…

On my way to my trial class that morning I was thinking, I can do this,  I have worked out in the past, right, aerobics, gyms, step and a variety of other routines over the years…why not?  I am here, sun is just coming up, warm ups under way and then “Holy Cow” reality set in.   I am struggling through the warm ups!  Jumping jacks, really!  I could only jog/walk/crawl 1/8 of the way around the block… I really this out of shape?  Yep, I was….well my embarrassment lasted about 10 seconds as my trainer, Wendy walked beside me, encouraging me to go at my own pace and each of the ladies in the group shared how they struggled in the beginning, but to keep going! 

And I did, I kept going, at my own pace, more like the turtle than the hare, and I am glad I did.  Eight weeks later and 16 pounds lighter, the jiggle in my arms subsided and there was less of a squishy pillow residing around my waist.  My clothes fit better, and I feel great!  So, I kept going…and now, another 3 1/2 months later, I can jog 2 miles, while having a conversation, I have dropped another 14 pounds, with a total weight loss 30 pounds to date.   Yes, the exercise is key, but I also made lifestyle changes in the approach to my meals.   Not at all once, but gradually over the past few months.

Breakfast:  Was:  Whole Wheat Organic Waffles with a tablespoon of Organic Peanut butter — switched to 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt and 1/2 an avocado.  (Note:  Sigi’s, Wallaby’s and Bulgarian yogurt in the Organic aisle all have 1/2 the carbs then products in the dairy aisle. Or two egg whites/one egg veggie omelet.

Lunch:  Was:  Salads with fruit, cheese, mixed greens and lite salad dressing — switched to mixed greens (minimum 2-3 cups) non-cheese protein, no fruit, all veggie and homemade or Olive garden Italian dressing (only 2 carbs per serving)

Dinner:  Was: Sweet potato, protein (chicken/fish) and one veggie – switched to 3 vegetables, more variety in protein (fish, chicken, sausage, turkey, beef)…no starchy processed carbs
Pretty much maintained 60 – 80mg of carbs per day over the past few months (lose it app)
The Doylestown Adventure Boot Camp classes offer nutritional consultations as well as fresh air fitness program.  Slight adjustments in my diet have resulted in tremendous results for me!  Am I now a super athlete, no, I am still the turtle on the track, but I am signed up for my next four week session, and setting a new goal to “take the hill” at Gayman.”
Come on out and try a free trial week at our new location – 
Victory Vipers 
4059 Skyron Dr. 
January 7 – February 1 
M – W – F  (5:30am – 6:30am ) 

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