Featured Success Story – JW

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since we have done a good before and after shoot, and have been inspired to create a new series. To start off our upcoming before and afters (look for the afters near the holidays), we decided to feature one of our favorite transformations. Drum roll please…. JW!

“Tired of being a flunkee/dropout of every diet out there, I was still searching for the one thing that would work for me when a friend told me to call Wendy.  I started out with just the Nutrition piece and I can’t believe how simple Wendy made it … it was easy for me to follow and commit to without feeling deprived. Week by week I watched the pounds disappear. Then I started running a few times a week and saw even better results. Finally, I signed up for bootcamp and have watched more inches melt away in the past 3 weeks. To say I’m amazed with the changes in just 3 months is an understatement. I’m floored! And I owe it all to Wendy. Her motivation and constant support make everything possible. This program is life-changing!”

JW is a mom with a full time job who decided to get serious about making a change for herself, and her results an impressive! Check out how defined her abs and biceps are in the after picture… Way to go, JW!

Thinking about joining us for our women’s only boot camp? Come on in for a trial class on Monday, 10/3 at 5:30 am  (Camp Curiosity), 9:00 am or 6:00 pm (the Barn). Register here.

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