The First Day Back…

It’s always a doozy to come back to a workout regimen after taking some time off. Getting back into the habit of waking up early, dragging yourself through your morning haze to the car, and waking up enough to do those first couple of jumping jacks… it’s not always easy!

girlswhodocrossfit-coffee-workoutBut if it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth it! Or as my hubs likes to say, “If it was easy, it wouldn’t be your mom!” (Inside joke: hubs was cheering me on at a marathon while standing next to someone who was holding a sign that said, “If it was easy, it would be  called your mom!” So now everything hard is referred to as ‘my mom,’ because she’s not easy.)

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Want to lose weight? Start counting your carbs!

The Basics of Carbohydrate Counting

nutritional counseling and factsWhat is carbohydrate counting?

Carbohydrate counting is a way to plan your meals by counting the amount of carbohydrate in foods. It can help you eat the right amount of carbohydrate to keep your blood sugar levels under control.  Too much carbohydrate will get stored as body fat.  If you are looking to lose weight , read more…

Every person is an individual and dependent on your age, height , weight and lean body mass will determine how much carbohydrate you will need to consume for healthy weight loss.

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15 Min. workout at home

Not everyone has an hour/day to workout but everyone has 15 minutes each day to get in some serious strength training and cardiovascular conditioning.

I LOVE BURPEES!  We incorporate them in our women’s weight loss bootcamp program. So, let’s incorporate burpees in this 15 minute at home workout.  I’ll let you know the benefit of burpees after I’m done giving you this fantastic fat burning, strength training 15 minute workout!

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Welcome to our new website!

Our new site was created with our clients in mind. We’ve streamlined the fitness boot camp registration process and worked to provide useful, easy-to-understand information. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

We also plan to feature yummy, healthy recipes and weekly exercise recommendations – so check back often!

If you’re a newcomer, feel free to sign-up for a FREE trial class at our Doylestown fitness boot camp! Email or call us to get started.