Regina’s 9 month Transformation

Regina’s story is life changing!  What an inspiration to us all!
I had been neglecting myself for several years to focus on difficult family issues and by early 2017, it took its toll.  I was done putting myself last and determined, once and for all, to get into the best physical and mental shape of my life.  I started in March 2017 and made the biggest change to my diet by eliminating sugar.  Bread, pasta and desserts were daily staples that I knew I had to give up. I also gave up diet soda which was not easy. I replaced all of that with salads, proteins, nuts, eggs, vegetables and lots and lots of water.  I also knew that along with changing how and what I eat, I had to start moving.  I began with walking 3x a week and doing water aerobics 2x a week.   I started feeling more fit very quickly.  I was sleeping better, had a lot of energy and a clearer mind. Four months later I had lost 50 pounds and was ready for more of a physical challenge.   I had heard of bootcamp-type workouts and wanted to give it a try. In July I found Wendy and haven’t looked back.  Her workouts combined with the change in my diet have helped me shed another 53 pounds.  With her program I have gained muscle and strength, started running and building endurance and gained confidence to do things I never thought I could do like box jumps and 2 minutes of jumping jacks!  I’ve lost 103 lbs and my next goal is a 5k in 2018 and I know Wendy will help me get there.  She is supportive in every way and helped me get to a place I didn’t think was possible.  Thank you Wendy and my fitness family!
Thank you for sharing your journey!  You did all the work and results are well proven!  WOW!  What a transformation!
Regina came to me in hopes to join the small group evening training class held on Monday and Thursday (6pm).  The evening boot camp class is challenging!  Regina didn’t quit for one second. When the going got tough, Regina got tougher.  Every week was a new accomplishment.  Unable to jog a few yards when first starting changed quickly.  JOG, WALK, JOG a little further……With each session, I pushed a little bit  more and now, months later  Regina is able to run without stopping!  She has gained so much strength and is able to perform exercises she never thought she would ever be able to do.  You will concquer your 5k this 2018.  I have no doubt! 
Doylestown Boot Camp for Women begins the new 2018 session at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Doylestown  (5:30am 6:30am) in Bucks County Monday, January 8.  For details and registration, go to or call 908-268-6414.  Feel free to come on out and try a free trial class Monday, January 8th.
If early morning doesn’t fit your schedule, check out the mid morning (9am)  or evening  (6pm) boot camp schedule at

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